Weaving Classes

weaving classes, weaving lessons

We offer a selection of weaving classes as well as all of the tools and yarn for all of your weaving needs.

Beginner classes are offered regularly and we are also pleased to have Tammy Poff as our regular guest weaving instructor. Tammy Poff is the author of the weaving book Woven Style for the 15" Rigid Heddle Loom: Go Beyond the Rectangle Combining Knitting, Sewing or Crochet and her books are available for purchase at our shop. 

Below is a list of classes from which a selection will be scheduled during Tammy's next visit. Be sure to let us know which interest you so they will be added to the schedule. 

Class List

Introduction to Rigid Heddle Weaving

Palindrome with a Twist 

Seaming & Finishing Handwovens 

Beyond the Basics 

Woven V-Cowl 

Ladies Who Lunch Scarf

Introduction to Woven Garments 

Woven Placemats  

How to Weave a Palindrome Pillow 

Woven Hand Bag (tote bag / project bag) 

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